Studies show that even women with regular cycles are not always accurate at pinpointing their exact ovulation and the medical profession acknowledges that correct timing is an important issue.1

MyLotus addresses the issue of timing of intercourse in relation to your fertility hormones.

It can detect the actual concentration of the hormones in a woman’s urine sample allowing detailed analysis into issues with ovulation and fertility that aren’t available with other home tests on the market. This kind of data highlights the key dates in the cycle when the woman is the most fertile, improving chances of conception as well as potential areas where the woman can seek specialised medical advice.

MyLotus is a dual-fertility monitoring system to improve your chances to conceive.

MyLotus allows you to monitor fertility hormones in your body to help you pinpoint your most fertile days

MyLotus allows you to accurately sample urine for consistent testing. After a simple procedure the meter does the reading for you and displays the result.

The MyLotus app allows you to monitor your cycle, to compare with other cycles, to be aware of common fertility issues and more

It becomes your personal conception diary and also lets you know what you should do on particular days

The meter can also be used with the MyLotus pregnancy test.

MyLotus is with you at every step of your conception journey. Its versatility means that you can provide your doctor or gynaecologist with a wealth of data or it can become your scrapbook and it can record forever the moment you first find out your family is about to become bigger.

Whether you have been trying unsuccessfully for a while or are just at the start of planning for a baby, MyLotus offers something for everyone.

1 Day-specific probabilities of conception in fertile cycles resulting in spontaneous pregnancies. JJ Stirnemann et al, Human Reproduction Vol28, No4: 1110-1116, 2013)